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Equine Masterclass: Why do horses thrive in Wallonia?

We invite you to an exclusive EQUINE Masterclass followed by a networking gourmet lunch.


Why do horses thrive in Wallonia?


SAVE THE DATE: 10th of November 2021


TIMING: 10 AM to 4 PM


The Hosts

  • Prof. Didier SERTEYN (University of Liège), Expert in the optimization of sport horses, President of EQUISFAIR, the Equestrian Cluster in Wallonia & CEO of REVATIS, dedicated to regenerative medicine and cell therapy.
  • Lauran SCHREIBER, Coordinator of EQUISFAIR, the Equestrian Cluster in Wallonia 
  • The Guest of honour: Lara de LIEDEKERKE, Belgian international rider. Recently crowned Belgian Champion for the fifth year in a row, she also won the Nations Team Cup and participated in the individual eventing at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The magic moderator: Clement KERSTENNE, Founder of In The Air SPRL and magician

The Masterclasses: 

  • Prof. Didier SERTEYN, President of EQUISFAIR, the Equestrian Cluster in Wallonia
  • Guillaume TILLEUL, CEO KATAKLOP, Equine Mobile Application 
  • Dominique ANDRE, Equestrian Tourism Specialist
  • Lara de LIEDEKERKE, Belgian international rider
  • Win the interactive QUIZZ!

The Gourmet Lunch @ BeHappy Restaurant 


FREE ENTRY TICKET TO EXPO2020 unless you have a seasonal pass

SEATS are limited, please register exclusively on following link: Equine Masterclass Registration 


An official delegation of experts in the equine sector in Wallonia is coming in Dubai from the 7th to the 11th of November 2021Let us know if you are interested in meeting and welcoming them in your premises!

Also not to be missed, 2 days before, on the 8th of November, in the evening, we are hosting a Delicious Belgian Chocolate Masterclass in the Belgian Pavilion. Please register on following link: Chocolate Masterclass Registration


We are looking forward to warmly welcome you and introduce you to the excellence of Wallonia!