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Cultural Wallonia

 © CGT - A. Siquet - Château féodal de La-Roche-en-Ardennes
© CGT - A. Siquet - Château féodal de La-Roche-en-Ardennes

Wallonia, a land steeped in history

From castles and palaces to historical residences, Wallonia is literally overflowing with ancient buildings. There are some 1,500 castles, 300 of them with a star rating!

Bookmark this: : The 'Parcs et Jardins exceptionnels de Wallonie' 
Well-known as exceptional sites, these 9 parks and gardens of Wallonia offer you a rich palette of styles from English to neo-classical, flower gardens and artistic fountains.

Ancient folklore and traditions set Walloon hearts racing.

The carnivals
Relive history to the rhythm of fifes and drums!

The period leading up to Lent is a theatre of carnival festivities right across Wallonia, where traditions and colourful costumes mix under one common theme: 'good riddance to winter, let's party!'

Bookmark this: the carnival of Binche, recognised in 2003 by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity, it is undisputedly the best known carnival in Wallonia. On the afternoon of Shrove Tuesday, the Gilles don their famous ostrich feather hats. Other characters that form the society known as 'fantasy' are the Arlequin, the Peasant and the Pierrots.

© CGT - A. Kouprianoff - Carnal de Binche
 © CGT - A. Siquet - Château de Beloeil - Meubles d'époque
 © CGT - A. Siquet - Fort d'Eben-Emael - Seconde guerre mondiale
© CGT - A. Kouprianoff - Reconstitution de la bataille de Waterloo
 © CGT - A. Siquet - Citadelle de Namur
© CGT - A. Kouprianoff - Carnaval de Morlanwez
 © CGT - A. Siquet - Château de Modave - Comtes de Marchin
© CGT - A. Kouprianoff - Ducasse d'Ath

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