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Taste of Wallonia

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Wallonia, a region for every taste

Regional dishes, local products straight from the producer or craftsman, cheeses in a range of flavours and textures from more than one hundred Walloon producers, Belgian chocolates and cuberdons, not forgetting our numerous beers whose fame already extends beyond our borders. 

So many good reasons to indulge your taste-buds!  

Discover some emblematic tastes of Wallonia 


Apaq-W (the Walloon Agency for the Promotion of Quality in Agriculture) provides you with a list of cheese and dairy wholesalers and producers spread across the entire Wallonia region.

Walloon cheeses are quite able to compete with their French counterparts: abbey cheeses, goat or sheep cheeses, they are all equally tasty and unique. Some of them have a protected designation of origin, e.g. Herve cheese.

Info: APAQ-W

Walloon beers

The reason why our beers are so famous undoubtedly lies in the huge diversity of breweries and the know-how gathered over the centuries. It is probably the Trappist beers, with their unique character, that attract the most discerning connoisseurs. Only beers that are brewed within the walls of a Cistercian Abbey, under the auspices of the monastic community who live there, have the right to use this strictly controlled designation. There are only 9 Trappist beers in the world, three of which are brewed in Wallonia.


•    Chimay, brewed in the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Scourmont, in the province of Hainaut 

•    Orval, brewed in the Abbey of Notre-Dame d'Orval, in the province of Luxembourg 

•    Rochefort, brewed in the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy, in the province of Namur 


Would you like to know more about the manufacture, the types of beers, and the recipes? Visit the Apaq-W website to learn more about brewing.  

Vineyards in Wallonia

Still anecdotal in the 1980s, wine production in Wallonia is in the process of professionalisation and should in the coming years play an increasingly important role in the Wallonia’s agricultural landscape. Today, there are ten or so vineyards and official designations such as the ‘Vin de pays des jardins de Wallonie’ or the ‘Crément de Wallonie’.


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