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'Le Forem', the Wallonia department of professional training and employment, supports job seekers in looking for work and offers more than 200 study programs.

Finding work

The first thing to do is to register as a job seeker by contacting an adviser at a 'Le Forem' office or your closest job centre.

'Le Forem' will then guide you through the job seeking process. There are advisers to help you select your future profession or to point you in the right direction if you want to start up your own business or change your career. You can also get help in writing your CV and access tools to help you view and receive as many job openings as possible to match your profile.

Do you need a bit of a push? You can also visit your nearest 'Carrefour-Emploi-Formation' centre. These information and advisory points are accessible to everyone free of charge and without an appointment. 

Finding a study program

'Le Forem' offers more than 200 study programs. There is opportunity to learn a new profession or change career. These study programs are free of charge for job seekers.

With language skills being a key asset in the labour market, Wallonia has implemented a number of tools to promote the learning of French and foreign languages.

'Le Forem' offers language courses and language stays within businesses or aboard.

Wallangues is an audio-learning (e-learning) languages internet platform. The languages offered are English, Dutch, German and French. Enrolment on Wallangues is free of charge to all Walloon residents aged over 18.

There are numerous schools and institutions offering languages courses (residential or otherwise), language stays or conversation classes. Find the right course for you.

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